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What is Structured Cabling and What are its Advantages

Structured Cabling is defined as telecommunications cabling infrastructure in a building or in a campus that is made up of a number of standardized smaller elements (structured).

How Does Structured Cabling Appear?

A structured cabling system is made up of a series of patch panels and trunks that form a structure that allows hardware ports to be connected to a patch panel at the top of the rack. That patch panel is then linked to another patch panel in the MDA via a trunk (multi-fiber assembly designed for conveyance) (Main Distribution Area). The MDA is the most important aspect of structured cabling.

Why is Structured Cabling important?

A well-designed and flawless structured cabling installation provide a cabling infrastructure that delivers a magnificent performance. It gives you the extra flexibility to accommodate moves, additions, and changes. It also maximizes system availability, provides redundancy and ensures the cabling system‘s usability in the future.

Different Types of structured Cabling

Fiber Optic, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, and AV are all types of network cabling. Depending on your company’s infrastructure and needs, you may use a variety of network cabling in your office. Your installer will be familiar with the various wiring schemes and cable types that will be most appropriate for your situation.

Structured Cabling in Bangalore

Whether you‘re remodeling your current office, expanding for more square footage, or relocating your company for the first time, we at PlanetWork, a structured cabling services company can provide the communications wiring connection you need. We take the same approach whether you need four cables or one thousand.

Contact us as soon as possible if you thinking about where are the structured cabling companies near me and discuss your floor plan and installation timeline. Following that, we will arrange for a free site survey with a member of our dedicated Sales & Estimating Team to provide structured cabling solutions in your area.

The proposal from our team will include all of your wiring requirements, including Fiber, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, and AV.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

  1. Simple to Manage

    Structured cabling systems are highly organized, simple to use, and the most effective methods for implementation in your workspace. A structured cabling system is easy to manage and maintain, and it is also a one-time investment that will benefit your company for years to come.

  2. Adaptability

    The structured cabling system technology is designed for adaptability and rapid growth. In general, these systems can support extremely high and precise bandwidth. Whatever your business requires, from video conferencing to high-volume calls, you don‘t have to worry because it can fully support all of your current functions with minimal disruptions and room to add more functionalities and features!

  3. Reduced Downtime

    Unorganized cabling systems make identifying and resolving errors difficult. In addition, disorganized cabling systems are more likely to cause confusion and errors during the initial setup process. When a problem occurs and your phone lines go down, troubleshooting your proper hardware takes more time if the staff has to sort through a jumble of networking cables. When the infrastructure allows for faster and easier repairs, your voice and data cabling systems are more effective and reliable.

  4. Cost-Effective

    One of the most cost-effective and timely decisions you can make for your business is to invest in a fully engineered and properly installed structured cabling system technology. It will make routine moves, additions, and changes much faster and more efficient, with tangible and intangible benefits.

  5. Application and Equipment Support

    Modern structured cabling systems are highly scalable and adaptable to changing business requirements. New gadgets and technologies can be easily and affordably integrated. A common business network is future-proofed from bandwidth headaches with modern fiber structured cabling systems.

  6. Increased Flexibility

    A structured cabling system has a high level of flexibility because it can easily and quickly accommodate new changes, additions, or moves. This ensures that your company’s performance is improved resulting in increased business growth. It also reduces the time required for installation and increases adaptability to network infrastructure changes, making it easier to relocate to a new workspace.

  7. Supports a Variety of Systems and Applications

    The complexity caused by multiple locations can be easily reduced by implementing a structured cabling system in your business. This system includes VoIP software that can be used to conduct business meetings remotely. Structured cabling systems, in addition to the well-known VoIP software, support security camera systems. With the surveillance cabling system in place, you’ll be able to monitor your company’s various activities from any location.

  8. Cybersecurity

    Only authorized users have access to the structured cabling system’s unique security features and functionalities. Problems with cybersecurity have no chance in your company with such systems in place.

  9. Improved Communication

    In today’s businesses, commercial phone systems have streamlined communication networks. Companies are in a position to interconnect without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, hosted phone systems are far superior.

  10. Maintains the Cleanliness and Order of Your Business

    One of the unspoken benefits of structured cabling is that it helps businesses look good. All of this is hidden behind walls, beneath floors, or above ceiling tiles thanks to structured cable technology. A structured cabling system looks very neat even when hidden. Cable management equipment keeps all the cables organized, straight, and heading in the right direction so that if you need to access a set of cabling for repair or replacement, it is simple to identify.

  11. Future-Proof Investment

    Retaining existing customers and continuously acquiring new ones is a major concern for any business. Investing in a structured cabling system for data and voice allows for immediate and ongoing communication with all customers. With the possibility of gaining new clients and customers, a structured cabling system is a project for the future.

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