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CCTV System

CCTV technology

It’s been decades since we are surrounded by CCTV technology but improvements in the technology have not only made it effective at capturing criminal activities but also pocket-friendly. Installing CCTV systems at your premises is always a good idea as it keeps your employees and family safe and sound. With a CCTV system installed at your workplace,  you can get the flexibility to view what is going on at your premises even in your absence. Also, CCTV systems can even help you avoid unwanted scenarios like burglaries, theft, loss in business, etc.

CCTV Technology

We at PlanetWork Technologies are a leading CCTV system solution provider and have expertise in installing CCTV cameras set up in many of our client’s premises in Bangalore. The CCTV surveillance system set by us will help you to identify potential threats at your facility and can prepare you to make the correct decisions.

Our Surveillance Product Range

Network Camera

A network camera is a part of our CCTV system that has its own IP address and can therefore be connected directly to a network. So, if there is a network connection at your premises, a network camera can be placed directly. Our network camera provides FTP (File Transfer Protocol), e-mail functionalities, web server, and includes various other IP network and security protocols.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Video Management Software (VMS) is the core of the security solution. The security and safety that you will leverage from your CCTC setup highly depend upon the VMA that the CCTV system comes equipped with. Our Video Management software is designed and validated to perfectly record the cameras so that you can see the footage later without missing even a single shot. The VMS that we provide will easily get adapted to your business and can be customized later as per your business requirements.

Audio Solutions

Audio solutions are one of the important equipment used along with the CCTV system to enhance video surveillance as a deterrent to crime. The audio solutions offered by us can be used for a number of applications like providing instructions and guidance, adding another sense to surveillance, listening to the conversations of your employees or family members in your absence, along with others.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Comprising of a software program, an NVR is a specialized computer system that is capable of recording video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, or other mass storage device. The best thing about an NVR is that it does not contain dedicated video capture hardware. It is deployed in an IP video surveillance system to enhance the recording functionality.

We provide a host of security and connectivity services including CCTV Installation and Service, Structured Cabling Solutions, Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions, WAN Solutions, WiFi Solutions, and Telephone Networking.

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