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CCTV Installation & Service​

It is necessary to keep your surroundings safe and secure whether you are sitting at your home or running an organization. It is your responsibility to keep your loved ones or staff safe and secure when they are living or working under your facility. We at PlanetWork Technologies are a leading CCTV Solutions provider with the required expertise in installing CCTV camera setup to minimize the security risks at your home or office. If you are looking for a security CCTV camera system that can provide high-end security at your residence or workplace, then we can be your perfect choice. The CCTV surveillance system set by us will help you to identify potential threats at your facility and can prepare you to make the correct decisions. The best part is we also provide services to your existing CCTV surveillance setup for any fallout or inconsistencies.

Structured Cabling Solutions

A well-built IT network infrastructure is the need of every organization and structured cabling systems are the solution. Structured cabling systems not only organize your infrastructure but also future-proof your business. With structured cabling at your premises, you can install any new hardware and increase business data for your day-to-day use. We at Planet Work understand that structured cabling installation is the backbone of a robust and adaptable structured cabling system and are therefore dedicated to providing end-to-end structured cabling solutions to our clients in Bangalore from different industry verticals. You can connect with us if you want structured cabling installation for one or multiple locations at an economic price and in the minimum possible time.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Campus-Wide Connectivity Solutions

Whether you are planning to build a corporate campus, a university campus, or a smart medical campus, campus-wide connectivity solutions helps you in interconnecting an array of buildings including technology centers, conference centers, gymnasiums, academic & administrative buildings, hostels, guest house, etc. Wide network connectivity helps the campus to enhance its learning productivity, efficiency, and safety and we at PlanetWork Technologies understand this better than anybody else in the market. We help you shape and transform the future by providing campus-wide connectivity solutions that can help you build smart campuses to fulfill your business requirements.

WAN Solutions

A strong network is needed to be able to run bandwidth-hungry apps, support heavy data consumption and let your business grow and thrive. If your network is not strong then there are chances that things can slow down when you face congestions during peak hours. Also, network management seems to be a bit challenging while you grow your business which can pressurize your IT team and of course your bottom line. This makes it important for you to opt for WAN solutions from PlanetWork Technologies and just sit back and relax till you watch your business grow. We are market leaders in providing WAN solutions to our clients based in Bangalore and focus majorly on managing and keeping their network secure and scalable.

WAN Solutions
WiFi Solutions

WiFi Solutions

Wi-Fi solutions are the basic requirement for any business or organization and we at PlanetWork Technologies know this better than any other WiFi solutions provider available in the market. We understand that enterprise Wi-Fi requires different management methods and protocols as compared to the ones used for personal or household use. Also, the enterprise Wi-Fi should support administrator controls access making it easier to grant permission only to the authorized users.

PlanetWork Technologies is a certified WiFi solutions provider with expertise in deploying WiFi systems for both enterprises and home premises throughout Bangalore. Our services are not just limited to deploying the WiFi system at your premises but also providing required services in case of any fallout.

Telephone Networking

When it comes to telephone networking ensuring good connectivity is the priority for every consumer and we understand this better. We at PlanetWork Technologies are a premium Telephone Networking services provider to businesses and organizations that needs good connectivity and favors strong communication. Our utmost priority at PlanetWork Technologies is to keep you connected by choosing the correct system for your business or organization. We will make sure that you have strong connectivity while you have to do HD audio and video calling, connect via conference phones, or need smartphone-based mobile extensions. We have knowledgable and well trained technicians on board that know all ins and outs related to telephone networking and will ensure that you have the best phone networks at your premises

We provide a host of security and connectivity services including CCTV Installation and Service, Structured Cabling Solutions, Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions, WAN Solutions, WiFi Solutions, and Telephone Networking.

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