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Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions

Transform work, learning, and safety with strongly connected campuses

Transform work, learning, and safety with strongly connected campuses

Strong and secure connectivity at academic campuses is hard to maintain as it contains numerous buildings and facilities throughout the property. The same goes with IT organizations as their campuses include multiple buildings that require strong connectivity to favor easy internal and external communication. This is the reason we have stepped into the market to overcome all the network challenges that the campus owners face while providing good internet connectivity to the students or the employees.

Whether you are planning to build a corporate campus, or have an existing university campus, campus-wide connectivity solutions help you in interconnecting multiple buildings inside your campus including technology centers, academic & administrative buildings, hostels, gymnasiums, etc. Wide network connectivity helps the campus to enhance its learning productivity, efficiency, and safety for the betterment of your business.

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We at PlanetWork Technologies help you shape and transform the future by providing campus-wide connectivity solutions that can help you build smart campuses to fulfill your business requirements. We hold expertise in providing campus-wide connectivity solutions to provide unmatched management and round-the-clock support for your IT or University campuses or any infrastructure that you have in Bangalore. With us you do not need to wait for weeks or months to get strong connectivity at your campuses, as you can just call us and our team will be at your premises the soonest and will provide onsite staffing and on-demand support as per your requirements.

Benefits & Features of our Campus-Wide Connectivity Solutions

Proactive Monitoring

We will monitor your campuses connectivity 24/7 and will optimize the networks in case any issues come up

High Network Security

We provide the best network security at your campuses and prevent all kinds of security threats using advanced tools and technology including access control and intrusion detection systems

Round the Clock Support

We provide 24*7 support to all our clients so that they can connect with us anytime they want and can ask us to fix the existing issues quickly.


We provide consistent campus-wide connectivity solutions to our clients based in Bangalore and the connectivity offered by us will help you build strongly connected campuses.

Why Choose Us?

PlanetWork Technologies is an emerging name in the market when it comes to providing campus-wide connectivity solutions to IT campuses or universities in Bangalore. The best thing about our campus-wide connectivity solutions is that our services are not just limited to establishing good connectivity at your campus but we will also manage your campus connectivity and will provide required services in case of any fallout. We have got immense experience in providing campus-wide connectivity solutions to hundreds of our clients based in Bangalore.

We provide a host of security and connectivity services including CCTV Installation and Service, Structured Cabling Solutions, Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions, WAN Solutions, WiFi Solutions, and Telephone Networking.

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