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WiFi Solutions

Wifi Solution

Whether you are a multinational company located in Bangalore or have a one-floor office in the city, you can not survive in the IT industry without a strong WiFi connection. Though it sounds like a very basic necessity, a WiFi system plays an important role to take your business to the level that you have always dreamt of. We at Planetwork understand the WiFi system requirements of the IT companies and are therefore dedicated to providing premium WiFi solutions to our clients in Bangalore. We know that enterprise Wi-Fi requires different management methods and protocols as compared to the ones used for personal or household use. Also, the enterprise Wi-Fi should support administrator controls access making it easier to grant permission only to the authorized users.

We at PlanetWork design & deploy end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions that are closely customized as per our client’s business requirements. We have a  team of experienced and knowledgeable wireless engineers that are specifically trained to design and build a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network that can be a perfect bit for your business. With our WiFi solutions, you can get a strong and reliable WiFi system at your premises without the hassle and costs of designing, purchasing, deploying, and managing it.

Wifi Solution

Benefits & Features of Our WiFi Solutions

Customized WiFi Security

The best thing about our premium WiFi installation & maintenance services is that we understand the customer’s requirements and then design and build a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network that can best fit your WiFi connectivity requirements.

Hassle-Free Installation & Management

We have a dedicated team of wireless engineers that will visit your premises and will install the entire WiFi system without troubling you or bothering you. We can even manage the WiFi system in case of some onsite issues in the future. All you need to do is connect and place your query with us.

Better Signal & Network Reliability

If you will opt for our WiFi solutions and services in Bangalore, you will get the assurance of strong and reliable network connectivity 24 hours of the day and 36 days of the year. We ensure you that you won’t face unwanted interruptions and connection drops using our WiFi systems.

Boost Employee Productivity

Get a high-speed wifi network with uniform distribution of signals to get good internet connectivity at every corner of your premises. We make sure that your employees get to focus on their work without worrying about the connectivity which will boost their productivity.

Round the Clock Support

You can get the chance to leverage the premium customer support that we offer to our customers. You can call us any time and we will listen to your queries and will rectify them either on-call or will send engineers on-site if required.

Wifi Solution

Why Choose Us?

PlanetWork is a certified WiFi solutions provider with expertise in deploying WiFi systems for both enterprises and home premises throughout Bangalore. Our services are not just limited to deploying the WiFi system at your premises but also providing required services in case of any fallout. We have got immense experience in successfully deploying WiFi networking solutions to hundreds of our client’s premises.

We provide a host of security and connectivity services including CCTV Installation and Service, Structured Cabling Solutions, Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions, WAN Solutions, WiFi Solutions, and Telephone Networking.

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